About Us

If you have questions you can contact Andrea Pulscher, who is also known as Lavinia di Mariano at andrea.j.pulscher @ gmail.com or 605-881-1769. 

Seneschal: Berenice / Laura Waack
pottratzwaack @ hotmail.com
Exchequer: Lars Hrolfsson / Scott Curran
Minister of Arts & Sciences: Tancorix inigena Bivaidonas / Aviana Knochel
aviana.knochel @ gmail.com
Rapier Combat Marshal: Wilhelm Môsere / Adam Mathiowetz
Webminister: Kim Drennon

What is the SCA like?
What to get some other views of the SCA? Here are some great articles that will give you a glimpse into the best of what the SCA can offer.

Check out this article at Gamer-XP written by an SCA member it will help you get the proverbial “big picture”.

This blog  article was written by someone who is not an SCA member. It captures the magic of a day at an SCA event.

A 5 minute article from NBC about Pennsic from 2012

Finally, here is a wonderful and long article about Pennsic – the largest of all SCA events. Pennsic is the Superbowl, Lollapalooza, Burning Man, and State Fair of the SCA all rolled into one glorious two week package.


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