Hero’s Feast

Hero’s Feast
Shire of Coldedernhale
The Farr House
106 East Wynoka St

12:00 pm-8:00 pm
Free event!!!!!
Event Steward: Sarah Kanz/Eyvor Sigurdsdottir, 605-220-2251 (Text preferable)
MIC: Aviana Knochel/Tancorix inigena Bivaidonas

Come join us in the Shire of Coldedernhale for Hero’s Feast! We are celebrating a day a of merriment, heroics and prowess, with fencing and cut and thrust combat, and a feast competition! Come as historic or fantastic as you wish and help us celebrate the heroes who make our lives more fun!

This event is named after the official DND cookbook, Hero’s Feast, and we will be posting recipes from the book for anyone who’d like to make and bring one. This event is extremely low key and full of schtick. There will also be a bonfire and a bardic circle afterwards.