The Provost Challenge Tournament

The Provost Challenge (4/27/24) basic format is all fighters try to fight ALL other fighters using all possible styles. All fencers are considered “scholars” for the day. You will receive points for defeating an opponent in a matched style for rapier. A fencer can challenge the same individual once per style (single, case, dagger, rigid, non-rigid). There are four levels of scholars:

White – Masters of Defense, White Scarves and Knights

Blue – GoAs- Ordo Circini Vitruvii, Bronze Ring, etc.

Red – AoA – Award of the Glove, Cadet/Ward/Student etc. of a Bronze Ring or Don; also any holder of a Cavendish Knot or Queen’s Glove

Yellow – beginners and all others.

For defeating an opponent in a challenge you get one point. If the person is of a higher level you get one extra point per level defeated. Thus a “yellow” level defeating a “green” gets 3 points but a “green” defeating a “green” gets only one point. This will increase the challenge for experienced fencers and allow newer ones to compete.

Fencers can seek each other individually or in groups to learn different techniques in the Arte of Defense. All fencers are encouraged to learn from their brothers and sisters!