The Tank

From the moment of arrival at the royal encampment to unload and assemble the tank, many people from all walks of the SCA: merchants, pelicans, warriors of all stripes, laurels, newbies and seasoned veterans, and royalty from around the known world, came by and were excited to see it and to watch it perform on the field. The tank was fielded in three battles were it worked well. In the bridge and fort battles, it helped win the day. Their Majesties used the tank as a chariot to arrive at the Kingdom of Trimaris social. It is very likely the greatest entrance to a party ever.
As I walked throughout the site, the tank and its deeds were talked about by all. Master Ealdred and I received heaps of congratulations and thank yous and many people stated how cool and awesome the tank is. We did our best to inform everyone that this was a group effort and funded by many. On Friday afternoon, I was cornered by several laurels and artisans. They awarded me a “Secret Squirrel Award”. This is the second year for these unofficial awards at Gulf Wars. The tank won the category of “Most Awesome Thing”. This award is for all of you. I will wear it with pride to all of the events I to throughout this next year.
The tank was disassembled Friday evening so their majesties could take it home. Right at the beginning of disassembly their Dread Stellar Majesties Vladimir and Petrenella awarded the war banner to the Shire of Coldedernhale. The war banner belongs to all you whom gave of their time, treasure, encouragement, and advice to the tank project.
I am humbled and honored to live among such great, noble, and generous people. All of you have my deepest, most heartfelt thanks and admiration. It would be greatly appreciated if all who have taken pictures or videos of the tank could post them or links to them on the Super Secret Big Awesome Dumb Tank Project group. That group will act as an aggregator for all of this pictures and videos. Once again, thank you for your time, effort, treasure, and encouragement. Long live Northshield!
-Wilhelm Moser, tank artificer

In Anno Societatis XLIX, modernly early 2015, the craftspeople of Coldedernhale embraced the challenge of building a Da Vinci Tank for use in war. The project was lead by Wilhelm Moser and Ealdred of Malmesbury. It was presented to Their Graces Vlad and Petranella during their second reign at Hertzkreig in the College of Svatý Sebesta, A.S. XLIX.
This page is under construction. More information about the tank will be added soon.